Custom Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Basic cut-out cookies are approximately three inches in diameter and come in any shape desired. Price includes some intricate detail work such as lacework and some specialized branding. Premium add-ons like gumpaste flowers, hand painting, and very intricate detail work are available at additional cost.

$30-$35.00 per dozen

Mini Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Mini cut-out are approximately two inches in diameter and come in circle, scalloped circle, square, heart and flower shapes. Add-ons are available.

Starting at $14.00 per dozen

Individual Packaging

Customized individual packaging is available for events and distribution.

Prices starting at $5.00 per dozen



Below you will find the Catering Prices for cupcakes, these prices are different than the Surprise Delivery Prices which can be found farther down the page.

Basic Cupcakes

Basic cupcake flavors:

- Chocolate

- Vanilla

- Almond

- Red Velvet

- Blue Velvet


Premium Cupcakes

Flavors include but are not limited to:

- Salted Caramel Macchiato (Caramel-coffee cupcake, injected with caramel, topped with salted caramel-coffee icing)

- Pittsburgh Mud Puddle (Chocolate cupcake, filled with peanut butter cream, topped with chocolate peanut butter icing)

- Toasted Almond (Almond cupcake, filled with vanilla creme, topped with almond icing and freshly toasted almond slivers)

- Chai Tea (Chai tea infused cupcake, topped with chai-spice icing)

- Midnight Rendezvous (Dark chocolate cake with mixture of semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, topped with blue velvet icing, glitter, white chocolate, and sprinkles) 

- Snickers Bar (Chocolate cupcake, filled with caramel, topped with chocolate-caramel icing, peanut butter drizzle and Snickers Bar Garnish)

- Pumpkin Spice Latte (Pumpkin Spice cupcake, topped with cream cheese flavored buttercream and cinnamon sugar)

- Cinnamon Roll (Vanilla and Cinnamon Crunch Cupcake, topped with cream cheese flavored buttercream and cinnamon crunch topping)

- Cookies and Cream (Cookies and cream cupcake, topped with fresh cookies and cream buttercream, chocolate ganache and an Oreo Cookie) (This can be made with gluten-free Oreo Cookies upon request!)

- S'mores (Vanilla cupcake, filled with gooey chocolate ganache, topped with marshmallow creme frosting, graham cracker crumbles, and melted chocolate on top.)


Platinum Cupcakes

- Black Forest (Chocolate cupcake, filled with cherry filling, topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache, homemade chocolate shavings, and a maraschino cherry.)

- Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Chocolate cupcake, filled and iced with strawberry icing, topped with chocolate ganache and a chocolate covered strawberry)

- White Chocolate Raspberry (White chocolate cupcake, filled with homemade raspberry coolis, topped with white chocolate buttercream, raspberry coolis, and white chocolate shavings.)

- Dark Chocolate Raspberry (Dark chocolate cupcake, filled with homemade raspberry coolis, topped with dark chocolate icing, raspberry coolis, and dark chocolate shavings.)

-Turtle Pecan (Caramel Flavored cupcake, topped with white buttercream, fresh caramel, pecan chunks, and mini chocolate chips)


($3.00/dozen up charge for gluten-free, the only flavors that can not be translated to GF are the Snickers Bar and S'mores)


Customize your cupcake order even further by adding custom cutout cookie toppers to your cupcakes!  

Mini Cookie Toppers (One Dozen) $11

Mini Cookie Toppers on a Stick (One Dozen) $14


Cupcake Poppers

These mini cupcakes are perfect as dessert appetizers. They are approximately two-bites and come in most flavors. For event planning purposes, three mini cupcakes typically equates to one standard cupcake.


ADULT Flavored Cupcakes 

Jim Beam Caramel Spice (Caramel and cinnamon cupcake with light tones of Jim Beam Bourbon, topped with cinnamon caramel buttercream) *Can be made with or without bacon as a topping - please specify when ordering.

Margarita (Lemon-lime and Patron cupcake, topped with lemon-lime buttercream and a small sprinkle of salt)




Surprise someone special, say "thank you" to a business colleague, or just as something fun to do. We offer to-door or office delivery of a minimum order of 1 dozen of the same type of cupcakes. Mixed dozens are available for additional fee. MUST HAVE 48 HOURS ADVANCED NOTICE. Prices include delivery within 10 miles of Carnegie, Pennsylvania (Orders requiring delivery over 10 miles will be an additional $.54 per mile.) Each order comes packaged beautifully, tied with a ribbon, and includes a card with the ability to include a handwritten sentiment. For Surprise Birthday Cake deliveries, basic candles are included as well. 

*College Campus Deliveries ARE available (and we do them often!) please have information regarding dormitory drop-offs if applicable (most colleges do not allow admittance by delivery persons into dorm buildings and require the recipient to meet them in the lobby, so having the phone number of the recipient is necessary - specifically for deliveries to University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Point Park University, Carnegie Mellon University, Robert Morris University, Carlow College, LaRoche College, and Chatham University. We deliver to most colleges in the Pittsburgh Metro Area, so even if you don't see your university listed above, we most likely will be able to accomodate!) 

Basic Cupcake Surprise (One Flavor) - $35

Mixed Basic Surprise (Three Flavors) - $40

Premium Cupcake Surprise (One Flavor) - $45

Mixed Premium Surprise (Three Flavors, some premium flavors are not available for mixed dozens) - $50

Platinum Surprise (One Flavor) $55

Mixed Platinum Surprise (Three Flavors) $60

Adult Cupcake Surprise (Up to Two Flavors) $65



Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries $20/Dozen

Small Seasonal Bouquet $15

Large Seasonal Bouquet $25

Rose Bouquet (Prices vary depending on season)

Latex Balloons $2/Balloon

Mylar Balloons $5/Balloon

Add Birthday Candles - $2

Custom Cutout Cookie Surprise (One Dozen Minimum Order) - $50



Send your loved one a gift that keeps on giving! We are now offering monthly subscription boxes of baked goods to be shipped on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month. Your loved one will receive a dozen seasonal cookies each month, shipped directly to their door. Select from 3, 6, 9 and 12 month options. 

3 month subscription - $75 ($90 with shipping)

6 month subscription - $130 ($160 with shipping)

9 month subscription - $215 ($290 with shipping)

12 month subscription - $280 ($340 with shipping)

October- Pumpkin Cookies 

November - Fall Themed Cutout Cookies

December - Everything Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Walnuts and Butterscotch Chips all in one delicious cookie)

January - Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

February - Heart Shaped Cutout Cookies

March - Shamrock Cutout Cookies 

April - Lemon Drop Cookies

May - Spring Shaped Cutout Cookies

June - S'mores Cookies

July - Orange Cookies

August - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

September - Snickerdoodles

*Our cupcakes stay fresh and safe to eat for an average of 3 Days but we advise that they are eaten the day of delivery. Cutout cookies can last up to two weeks if sealed in an airtight container. 


Basic Flavor Buttercream Birthday Cakes

6 inch cake $25

8 inch cake $30

10 inch cake $35

12 inch cake $40

Premium Flavor Buttercream Birthday Cakes

Premium Cupcake Flavors Translated to Cake!

6 inch cake: $28

8 inch cake $35

10 inch cake $40

12 inch cake $45

Contact for Platinum Cake Pricing

Dessert Cakes

Pittsburgh Mud Puddle Cake - Four Layers of chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter buttercream, chocolate ganache, and chunks of peanut butter cups. Topped with peanut butter buttercream, dripped chocolate ganache and peanut butter cups. 8 inch cake - $45

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake - Four alternating layers of chocolate and chocolate-strawberry cake, filled with chocolate ganache, strawberry creme buttercream, and fresh strawberry puree, topped with strawberry butter cream and chocolate ganache. 8 inch cake - $45

Snickers Bar Cake - Four Layers of chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter buttercream and snickers chunks. Iced with chocolate caramel buttercream, Snickers Bar chunks, caramel sauce and ganache. 6 inch cake/ $40, 8 inch cake /$45

Pumpkin Spice Layer Cake - Four layers of Pumpkin Spice cake, filled with a light cinnamon buttercream and brown sugar crunch, topped with cream cheese flavored buttercream and cinnamon. 6 inch/$40, 8 inch/$45



Nizhoni Bakery would be honored to make a cake or cupcakes for your special day! Our Buttercream Covered Event Cake prices start at $2.75/serving while our Fondant Covered Event Cake prices start at $4.00/serving.


Wedding Cake Pricing begins at $4.75/serving. We make the whole process very easy for you by setting up in-home tastings (for wedding clients and those booking for a guest list of over 100 people) where we bring our flavors to you! For details and pricing on your custom cake, please include in your message whether you are interested in Buttercream or Fondant, how many people you are looking to serve, and if the location of your event is inside or outside. We look forward to speaking to you!