Having been a college student herself not-so-long-ago, Danielle totally understands how tough it is to celebrate your birthday away from your family. That is why she puts so much care and attention into helping make your student's birthday extra special! Nizhoni Bakery offers many fun options for your student's birthday as well as the inside scoop on how to pull it all together as seamlessly as possible! 

Here is everything you need to know:

College Campus Deliveries ARE available on and off campus (and we do them often!) please have information regarding dormitory drop-offs if applicable (most colleges do not allow admittance by delivery persons into dorm buildings and require the recipient to meet them in the lobby or at the front of the building, so having the phone number of the recipient is necessary - specifically for deliveries to University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Point Park University, Carnegie Mellon University, Robert Morris University, Carlow College, LaRoche College, and Chatham University. We deliver to most colleges in the Pittsburgh Metro Area, so even if you don't see your university listed above, we most likely will be able to accomodate!) 

COLLEGES DO NOT ALLOW US TO LEAVE FOOD DELIVERIES WITH THE GUARDS OR IN THE MAIL ROOM. All deliveries must be received by the student or one of their roommates. This is particularly true for CMU and PITT Dorm deliveries. The way we usually arrange college deliveries is to text message your student the morning of the delivery to arrange a time that works well with their class schedule to make the delivery. If you want your delivery to be a complete surprise, please provide information for the roommate or RA of the floor so the delivery can be arranged with them. 

STARTING FALL 2018, we will not be making deliveries to Oakland on Pitt Panther Game days. If your student's birthday falls on a game day, we would be happy to make the delivery the day before. 

Once the delivery time has been set, we will call the student when we are on campus to come down for their delivery. We give a grace period of 15 minutes for your student to receive their delivery before we have to move on to the next delivery. We will be in touch with your student if this is the case and will make effort to deliver later in the day or the following day. (This rarely happens.)


Prices Per Dozen

Basic Cupcake Surprise (One Flavor) - $35

Mixed Basic Surprise (Three Flavors) - $40

Premium Cupcake Surprise (One Flavor) - $45

Mixed Premium Surprise (Three Flavors, some premium flavors are not available for mixed dozens) - $50

Platinum Surprise (One Flavor) $55

Mixed Platinum Surprise (Three Flavors) $60

Adult Cupcake Surprise (Up to Two Flavors) $65

Mini Cupcakes for the Whole Floor (4 dozen mini-cupcakes up to 4 flavors) $60



Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries $20/Dozen

Small Seasonal Bouquet $15

Large Seasonal Bouquet $25

Rose Bouquet (Prices vary depending on season)

Latex Balloons $2/Balloon

Mylar Balloons $5/Balloon

Extra Large Birthday Mylar Balloon $16/Balloon

Mylar Number Balloons $14/Number (Two Digit Numbers are $24 total)

Add Birthday Candles - $2

Custom Cutout Cookie Surprise (One Dozen Minimum Order) - $50